Steel Construction

We understand the scope of business “Steel Construction“ as link between our customers’ plans and the actual antenna erection. Due to the extension of our activities by this business field, we are in a position to offer our customers comprehensive service - for which NDST Systemtechnik GmbH is well-known - already in the run-up to the antenna erection.

Our services include the control of planning and construction documents, manufacturing and assembly of fastening systems, integration of all required trades, like for example roofers and carpenters as well as organization of the crane and lifting engineering and observation of a smooth construction progress.
Due to the coordination with the assembly team of our Antenna erection, we can react promptly and flexible to the ideas of our customers and guarantee the turnkey delivery from one hand on the agreed date. Our customers especially appreciate this adherence to deadlines.

Of course, we also pay attention to the strict compliance with all regulations concerning safety with regard to the systems planning and design as well as in the field of work safety for our employees.

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